Current State

The Present State of the School

One hundred years after its founding, Ibadan Grammar School which in the words of the Late Archdeacon (then Rev. Canon) E. O. Alayande in 1970 “stands today as the great pride of this great city (Ibadan) and whose alumni have adorned the highest positions in all walks of our national life”, has so degenerated in terms of physical infrastructure, academics, sports and other extra-curricular activities that it is no longer rated among the best schools in Ibadan, let alone in the nation at large. Gone are the days of straight As in the West African School Certificate examinations and laurels in football and athletics. The school has become a shadow of itself with decaying buildings and other physical infrastructure, poor quality staff and students, and an environment that stifles teaching and learning. Gone are the boarding facilities and the rich diversity in staff and students with the school degenerating from a truly international secondary grammar school that attracted staff and students from all over the country and from outside the shores of Nigeria to a mediocre, local high school that is not even the school of first choice for well-placed Ibadan indigenes. Part of the 2011 report on the school by Mr. Femi Adekunle, the Principal of Senior School 1 is reproduced below:

Ibadan Grammar School consists of five unit schools, three of which are Junior Secondary schools, and the other two, Senior Secondary schools. Each of the schools has its own administrative structure and is being regarded as an independent school by the supervising Ministry of Education. Enrolment of students on school basis is as follows:

                School               Enrolments      Boys                 Girls                Total
Senior School 1       670       357                   1027
Senior School 2       407       185                   592
Junior School 1       461       175                   636
Junior School 2       389       214                   603
Junior School 3       487       206                   693
     2414      1137                  3551

The staffing situation is as follows:

                School           Teaching Staff Non Teaching Staff
Senior School 1                    29                     5
Senior School 2                    16                     2
Junior School 1                    12                     2
Junior School 2                    15                     2
Junior School 3                    23                     2
                   95                     13

From the Principal’s report, there are at present 3551 students in Ibadan Grammar School using poorly maintained facilities that are over 50 years old meant for less than 600 students in the 1960s. Indeed, some of these facilities have become so run down as to make them virtually unusable. There is no Biology laboratory anymore and a classroom is being used as a Food and Nutrition laboratory. There is a two-room library used jointly by the students (3551) of all the schools. The only existing functional toilet for 3551 students is a 12-room facility built by the old students in 2011; before then there were no toilets. There is an on-going N100 million project by the then Education Trust Fund (ETF) involving renovation of hostels and construction of three new blocks of classrooms which if properly executed would improve the state of physical infrastructure in the school.

The Contributions of Old Students to School Development

The Ibadan Grammar School Old Students’ Association has, over several decades, contributed substantially and in diverse ways to the development of Ibadan Grammar School. The most noticeable major physical infrastructural project to have been undertaken in the school in the last 40 years is the multi-million naira Emmanuel Alayande Hall by the old students of Ibadan Grammar School. Other physical infrastructure running into millions of naira that the old students have provided for the school include classrooms, toilets, sporting facilities and water supply. Just recently, the school hosted the 72nd AIONIAN Festival of Sports and Academics Competitions, tagged Ibadan 2011, featuring 12 secondary schools from all the states of the South West on 24-27 March, 2011. Despite repeated entreaties made to the Oyo State Government, no financial grant or any other form of support was received by the school and the old students bore majorly the huge cost of hosting the festival and provided among other forms of support the following:

  • New sports field, complete with football pitch and athletics tracks
  • 12-room modern toilet facility, complete with deep well and overhead storage tank
  • Modern lawn tennis court
  • Handball pitch
  • Sporting equipment
  • Water supply facilities
  • Renovated classrooms.

The old students have also contributed to the intellectual development of students including the employment of teachers, donation of computers and scientific equipment and the endowment of prizes and scholarships. The Annual Founder’s Day Reunion including Thanksgiving Service, the traditional laying of wreaths and reception promote interaction between the old students, the teachers and the present students and facilitate the propagation of the values and ideals of the school ensuring that succeeding generations of students imbibe the Christian values and traditions of the school.

In 2007, the Ibadan Grammar School Old Students’ Association instituted the Venerable Emmanuel Alayande Memorial Lectures to immortalize the former teacher and Principal of the school. The objectives of the Alayande Memorial Lectures are to celebrate the life and times of Venerable Emmanuel Alayande, promote national discourse on issues of education, politics and national development, and propagate Venerable Emmanuel Alayande’s values, beliefs, attitudes and ideals with a view to impacting the lives of succeeding generations in selfless service to God and Fatherland (Deo et Patriae). The first lecture entitled “Schooling, Education and the Social Order in Nigeria was delivered by Prof. Akin L. Mabogunje, a most distinguished old student, on 31st March 2008 and the second lecture will be delivered by another most distinguished old student and immediate past Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Prof. Oladapo Afolabi, on 29th March 2012.