School Song

1.  Arise all Sons of the Mountaineer
Sing praises to the Lord
And shout for joy with one accord
All Boys from far and near
Remember now the glorious days
At Oke-Are’s gates
Whence we came and first sang our praise
Deo et Patriae.

2. Praise God that patriots of old
To work did put their hand
And for the love of Fatherland
Their mites did not withold
Brothers, sisters, now justify
The talking drums of old
The hope of those who laboured long
Deo et Patriae .

3.  Illustrious sons who rose to fame
The scions of their days
Brought glory and unfading praise
To Alma Mater’s name
With these in thankful voice we sing
Our hymn of jubilee
Raise upon high our joyful glee
Deo et Patriae.

Composed by G.A. Adeyemo (Former Tutor)